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    The Rolling Stone controversy has continued to provoke strong feelings in Boston and beyond, with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., weighing in against the cover Sunday. Critics accused the magazine of giving Tsarnaev, 19, rock-star treatment while not paying homage to the blasts’ victims.

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    New Xbox Music features will be introduced when Microsoftstarts selling Windows 8.1 in October, Porter said. One suchaddition will be a Web Playlist tool that grabs all the music ona Web page to create a list of songs, he said.

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    What the amendment opens the door to is siting as many as seven casinos outside of Indian reservations and away from tracks. Gov. Cuomo and other amendment supporters contend they will bring jobs and tax revenue to the state. Opponents worry that they will bring crime, compulsive gambling and pawn shops, too.

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